Why We Need To Become A Multi-Planetary Species

Whether it’s The Boring Company, SpaceX, Tesla, Elon Musk is undeniably one of the biggest & brightest minds of our generation.

With the aim to build a large colony on Mars over the next decade, his passion for putting the human species on another planet is something truly incredible.

It’s no secret that we have a constantly increasing population on planet Earth. By the end of the century, it’s predicted that we will have over 10 billion people in the world. Therefore, natural resources are undoubtedly dwindling.

Also, global catastrophes such as nuclear war or a volcano eruption can to cause a global extinction event almost instantaneously. By allowing the human species to become multi-planetary, it would enable the species to thrive and continue no matter what circumstances happen here on Earth.

As we move towards a more complex, connected and developed society throughout the globe, it is very easy for humanity to potentially go extinct. Becoming a multi-planetary species is the only way to prevent that.

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