Why Walmart Is About To Go Out Of Business

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I know this opinion isn’t very popular amongst people. But hear me out…

Walmart is the top company in the Fortune 500 list. Yet, they are about to go out of business. Why? A lack of willingness to adapt to technology and their competitors. Specifically Amazon.

Many of you will be very quick to dismiss me simply because of a lack of data. But if you look at recent trends over the past few years, I may not be so crazy after all.

Amazon has loads of consumer data, and offers same day delivery. They have warehouses across the UK, USA, and other territories. Sure, Walmart has been around for decades. But as a society, time is something that is extremely valuable to us which we are willing to pay for. Think of AirBnB, Uber, priority boarding on an airplane etc.

On the day in which Amazon was launched in the 90s, Whole Foods was valued at roughly $220m. To put that into perspective, Amazon has built a GIANT company in the years since… to the point in which they purchased Whole Foods for $13.7bn. That’s crazy shit right? Things are just getting started.

Walmart, Tesco, Coles, and all of the other major grocery/supermarket chains should be shitting themselves right now. Because Whole Foods was simply a sign of what’s to come.

“The day the car was invented, there was someone who owed a hundred horses.” I am so pumped for what’s about to happen. Let’s fucking go!!!

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