Why Self-Education Is Crucial To Success Within Life

Education is the passport to the future. For it belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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Over the past few months, I have been pushing self-education extremely heavily. I’m undoubtedly bullish on it due to the sheer value it can bring to everybody’s lives.

For me, it’s just extremely simple. I feel as if it’s much better to gain information at minimal cost than to drown in a sea of student debt amounting to several hundred thousand dollars simply from attending an educational institution.

That’s where the problem lies. Students are getting in debt with (often) unrealistic expectations of how their course will specifically benefit them upon graduation.

The status quo.

It is generally accepted throughout the world that going to college will give you the fundamental steps needed for success within life. In fact, many parents still hold the view that higher education is mandatory for a successful career. This simply isn’t true.

Because of this idealistic view that college and university are important to have a successful life, the status quo is hardly ever questioned.

Hardly anybody challenges the concept of attending college or paying several hundred thousand dollars to a university. Why? Everyone else is doing it.

There is nothing inherently wrong with going to college (if it’s what you genuinely want to do). However, it’s certainly worth exploring other available options in order to find the best possible path leading towards your idea of success.

I have a lot of empathy to people that genuinely need to attend college or university in order to advance in their field of study. I understand that it’s almost impossible to become a surgeon without first obtaining a degree in medicine. I am unbelievably empathetic towards that.

However, it breaks my heart to learn that many people are simply attending higher education because “it’s the normal thing to do”.

The benefits of Self-Education.

Instead of letting other people decide what & how you learn, you’re in control of your own future when you decide to self-educate yourself.

Learn as much as you can within your chosen subject of study by reading books, articles on the internet, and attending keynote speeches from leading figures within your industry.

When you are in control of your own life, happiness and success are much easier to obtain.

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