Why Major Labels Are About To Become Totally Irrelevant…

I love it when people call me crazy. I love it when people call me wrong. Because in a few months, I’ll be extremely correct.

For the past few decades, Sony, Warner, and Universal Music have dominated the music business. They’ve dominated the charts. And that was simply the way in which the entertainment industry was supposed to be… until now.

The cost of entry into the music industry has dropped massively to the point in which you can be successful if you simply spend $500 on a smartphone or laptop. Online distributors such as Routenote & Tunecore have allowed artists to release their music independently onto stores such as iTunes & Spotify. Musicians used to release with majors because of the network of contacts & speed of distribution. I’m going to discuss a concept that I truly believe in.

In the next 12–24 months, we will see a giant shift in the hierarchy of the music industry. Right now, the major labels don’t seem to be shitting themselves as much as they should. Even Steve Stoute, the former President of Interscope, is on a mission to kill the traditional record label.

As independent artists, we now have access to high speed distribution. As independent artists, we are able to collaborate with people around the world. As independent artists, the opportunities for promotion are totally endless. In all honestly, major record labels are not the pinacle of success that they used to be.

But the major record labels are the root cause of the problem. Look what happened with Soundcloud. As musicians, our creativity is limited due to the fact that we are unable to upload bootlegs of our favorite songs without getting copyright strikes on our social media channels. Something has got to change because the music industry has a serious problem.

I went into the streets of Melbourne to talk to local musicans about the carnage. Buskers who cannot make a living from streaming are sometimes living on the streets. I made a promise to myself that I would do something to help this crisis. So many people want the world to be politically correct. That has to change. We have a problem throughout the entire music industry… and we need to fix it!

But look what’s happening with Spotify & Apple Music. There is a glimmer of optimism. There is hope. There is a large chance that independent artists will be able to have a long, prosperous music career without being tied down to a major record label.

We all know that when artists are signed to major labels, they don’t have any freedom to sign with independents which therefore limits artistic freedoms. We are sick of being the silent majority. That’s a problem.

Instead of being signed to a major record label and getting royally fucked for the entire contract period, why not exclusively release on a streaming platform in return for priority playlisting etc? We should put you, the artist, first. Not to please some bank account of a middle aged man in a suit.

Right now whilst typing this, I’m using a mobile phone. We have access to large music blogs, YouTube channels, and influencer networks. That is what is going to make the environment of independent labels flourish: networking and collaborations.

Believe me, it’s going to change. We are going to fix the problem. We are going to put the artist first. And as the major labels will not put creativity before their bank balance, their relevance will diminish.

The next few months will certainly be interesting. The next few months will certainly be amazing. History will look back and notice the rise of the independent labels. Let’s do this!!!

I write for people who want to live a happier life in the modern world. Let’s chat: Mattlillywhitemedium@gmail.com

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