Why I Wish I Dropped Out Of College

An entrepreneur’s take on college in a modern society…

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Highcliffe Sixth Form, United Kingdom.

I admit it. I was not the best student in the world. But I wasn’t the worst.

I was working enough in my classes to pass. But that’s it. I was coasting. I was just getting by.

This wasn’t because I was lazy. No. It was because I was unable to focus on my passion whilst in college.

You see, every single break and lunchtime during college, I was shaping my future in one way or another. Whether it was creating music, networking, or reading articles about success, I was strategizing and executing on the blueprints for my future success.

But all that ambition was hindered by the fact that I had 2–3 hours of homework pretty much every single night. I was being forced to take time away from my career in order to focus on what the establishment deems important. Instead of networking and changing my future, I was stuck writing essays or revising for exams.

For some people, College is an incredible opportunity in which you are able to build on your knowledge, meet lots of people, and get a qualification in the hopes that somebody will hire you. For some people, that’s what they want within life. I get it. And if that’s you, I’m happy for you. I truly am.

But for me, it was the worst possible environment to be in.

Every single hour that I was actually working on my career, I was able to get things done and accomplish my goals for the day.

I have always wondered where I’d be right now if I had even more time to execute on my passion in a shorter timeframe.

Maybe I’d be a lot more successful than where I am right now. Or alternatively, my circumstances could have been moulded over the years to the point in which my success is utterly founded upon my past opportunities and actions.

I guess I’ll never know.

Dropping out of college will go one of two ways for anybody who tries. You will either become the next Zuckerberg, or you’ll be lazy due to the inability to find employment or an income.

I could have been either. I will never know. Regret is a b*tch.

The only thing I do know is that I have to accept how things went. And I do.

I love my life. I love every second of it. I wouldn’t want to change it. I never will. Instead of dwelling on the past, I am currently working every single day to create a stronger future for myself, and the people around me.

I love what I do. I would feel suffocated if I wasn’t working on my business. I would feel lost & out of place.

My name is Matt Lillywhite, and I’m an entrepreneur.

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