Why Experience In Politics Is No Longer A Necessity For The Presidency…

Many people criticized Donald Trump for not having any political or millitary experience prior to entering office. Many people said that he was totally incapable of upholding a successful Presidency, and that experience is mandatory in order to hold the title of President.

Throughout the election campaign, Donald Trump was essentially “the outsider” within the process. With an utter lack of trust towards the traditional government, many people simply wanted a change… a voice for the people. Donald Trump was that answer.

Resonating his message with a lot of people within America who had previously felt left out by the political establishment, he tapped into their emotions by talking about problems in which they faced, and then subsequently offering solutions.

This therefore raises the idea of multiple cultural icons running for Presidency in the future, as well as traditional political figures. You only have to look at the likes of Dwayne Johnson to see that this is not a distant possibility.

Trump’s vision wasn’t to do something totally new. Instead, it was to run the Presidency in a more efficent way. eg. Why pay 3 times for a resource that is necessary? Just negotiate the price instead of taking it at face value.

And so with social media becoming a media distribution platform for many cultural icons, traditional newspaper press is no longer a necessity to distribute information.

With the cost of access to online media distribution being unprecedentedly low, one can’t help but ponder the idea of unexperienced icons within culture using the Presidency as a platform to make a positive difference in the world…

We’ve had the same political system in the world for centuries. I think that it’s time for a change.

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