What A Travel Influencer Should Be Doing in 2019

Everybody wants to be an influencer. Everybody wants to travel the world. But nobody knows the strategy on how to actually go about achieving their ambitions.

There’s two variables that will determine your success: Hard work & execution.

Do you want to travel the world for several years? Consider spending a month (or several) in countries that have a low cost of living. Examples include Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, and many more. Websites such as Freelancer & Upwork are a great way of finding remote work that can be completed from your laptop. Having low expenses from your location accompanied by a decent income can provide a sufficient income for pretty much anyone wishing to travel the world.

Do you want to get followers so you can get loads of brand deals? Find the top 5 most popular social networks in your country, and figure out how to get attention in those places. For example, you could run ads on Facebook against your target audience, collaborate with YouTubers in your city, or meet up with influencers on Instagram in order to grow a fanbase. Then, simply get in contact with several hundred brands leveraging your audience for either free products or money. Content & distribution. It’s that simple.

Reverse engineer your ambitions.

Work hard. Execute

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