Tips For Easier Business Travel During 2019

Long flight? Have to attend a meeting? Need to catch up on some work?

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Many people are currently taking long-haul flights, arriving at their destination, and feeling tired & unable to work due to the sheer frustration of international travel. Sound familiar?

Here are some tips to make you feel more relaxed & energized in preparation for any upcoming business travel:

Master the art of security.

Also ensure that your iPad, Laptop, Liquids and Cellphone are near the zip of your bag for ease of access when putting them in the separate security tray.

Limit Your Luggage.

But we all know that time is money. Do you really want to be spending 37 minutes at the luggage carousel waiting for your suitcase to be unloaded off the plane? I think not.

Carry-On sized suitcases are great if you’re only going away for a few days on a quick business trip. Once you disembark from the plane, you can head straight to the terminal exit & proceed with your activities in your destination!

Bring a portable charger.

Portable chargers can be purchased from Amazon, and a variety of other stores for as low as $20. However, try to opt for ones that will give your device multiple charges, and will allow more than one USB at a time. Lifesaver.

Getting Wifi in the Sky.

But let’s quit the complaining. Is a day’s work worth more to you than $50? I expect so. If your airline offers it, purchasing internet access during your flight may be a worthwhile investment if you plan on being productive.

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