This Is Why Your Penis Shrinks In The Cold

Everything you’ve wanted to know but were too afraid to ask

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I wish my dick would stay the same size throughout the year. Rain or shine, warm or cold, I yearn for the day in which it doesn’t shrivel up and retreat into half of its original length upon realizing the freezing temperature.

Sorry if that’s TMI, but most men can relate: It’s the truth.

For a lot of people, Winter is synonymous with a snowball fight, singing songs around the campfire, and being surrounded with friends & family. However, for men living in colder regions of the planet, winter penis is a big problem.

This is a great truth of life.

My lifestyle means that I am reguarly in cold climates, and therefore have to venture out into the frozen wonderland of Canada to get food from the grocery store. Admittedly, it’s not an issue in the warmer months. However, it certainly presents a small problem when Winter arrives.

Upon opening the door, a rush of cold air hits my face. The frosty wind is enough to take anyone’s breath away. Slowly but surely, the inevitable has begun.

Eight inches quickly turns into four. In a similar fashion to a turtle retreating into its shell, my penis takes notice of the cold temperature and withdraws itself from my underwear into the comfort of my warm body.

The Science Behind Winter Penis.

Although it is incredibly uncomfortable for many men, there are some scientific reasons why a man’s penis shrinks during the winter months.

According to the director of sexual health and medicine at Cornell University:

“When you’re cold, your blood vessels constrict, which limits blood flow to your penis. This causes it to decrease in size.” — Darius Paduch

As human beings, our bodies are designed to conserve heat to survive. So during freezing temperatures, it redirects the blood flow to the vital organs. Meanwhile, the shaft of your penis and testicles move closer to the body to maintain the optimal temperature for sperm production.

Fortunately, there are some ways to reduce the effects of this biological phenomenon efficiently. Here’s a simple breakdown of the process:

Have More Sex.

Great sex is hot, steamy, and full of intense passion that encourages the sharing of body heat. When intimate with another person, your body temperature often rises due to increased blood flow. As you become aroused, the arteries in the genital area open up to form an erection.

Wear Tighter Underwear.

Boxer briefs (and similar varieties) help keep your penis much closer to the body than looser underwear. Consequently, the effects of winter penis are less frequent as your body doesn’t need to move the testicles higher to maintain an optimal sperm production temperature.

Dress Appropriately.

If you are going into the freezing temperatures of the outdoors during Winter, wearing suitable clothing can be a great way to combat shrinkage. By wearing an extra layer of underwear, and ensuring cold air cannot reach the genital region, your penis won’t retract closer to the body.

Brace yourself… winter is coming.

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