The Cleanest City I’ve Ever Been To | MattLife 016

This place is ridiculously clean. Crime is low. What’s not to love?

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After checking out the fireworks last night for Chinese New Year, I was pretty exhausted this morning due to a slight lack of sleep. Whoops.

I was reading an article this morning saying that if you drop a candy wrapper on the streets of Singapore, you can be fined $300 on the spot. Wow.

Having had a travel day yesterday, the majority of today has been catching up on work, and checking out the sites.


I woke up and grabbed some toast, fruit & a coffee. Whilst eating it, I caught up on my emails and replied to any unread messages.


Went to the Marina Bay area and saw the GIANT hotel. There’s also an underground shopping mall nearby which was huge. Everything here seems to be absolutely oversized and great. But I love it.


Went to catch up on some work so headed to a Starbucks. The main reason for that is the high speed wifi and comfy chairs. Grabbed a panini and also a Caramel Frappe which was nice.

I managed to sort out a tonne of work surrounding my business, and also started running a few new campaigns. I also downloaded 2 new audiobooks to my phone as I’m consuming a lot of content whilst on the train & plane etc.


Went over to Raffle’s landing and checked out the harbor. Seemed like a pretty sweet price!


Managed to get some more work done, and started looking at hotels in Dubai to stay at. Chances are I’ll stay there a few days and head straight to Istanbul. Speaking of which, I need to apply for my Turkish eVisa.


Grabbed a bite to eat near where I’m staying. Wasn’t hungry so just got a few items from the bakery.


More work again. Some people would absolutely hate this lifestyle as constant work whilst traveling can be extremely draining. But I love it. It gives me a lot of flexibility in what I do & where I go.

That’s it for today!

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