The Average Person Is Productive For This Many Hours Per Day

It’s time to overcome procrastination…

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As an entrepreneur myself, an 8–12 hour workday can feel extremely long when I’m not motivated to achieve something.

After finishing a few tasks, there is a strong temptation to open Facebook or Netflix & relax for 30 minutes. We’ve all been there. We are all masters of procrastination.

The Study.

So how many hours do we actually spend doing productive work?

According to numerous scientific studies, the average is approximately 2 hours 50 minutes within a typical weekday.

Having been an expert daydreamer since my years in High School, I can certainly admit that it’s easy to get lost in tasks that you really don’t want to complete.

Overcoming Procrastination.

In order to fight this workplace trend, I have decided to eliminate all distractions to ensure that every single day of work is as productive as possible. For example, I’ve turned off notifications on my phone, and have limited Netflix to the sole hours of 2200-midnight.

Here’s a few tips if procrastination is something that you struggle with:

  • Don’t be a perfectionist. Just get it done.


If you are also procrastinating whilst in the office, it’s time to evaluate your work and ask yourself if you genuinely love what you do. If there are toxic conditions within the workplace, or you simply have no passion whatsoever for it, the procrastination shall probably remain indefinitely.

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