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What I’ve learnt whilst working from my laptop across 4 continents.

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So the good news is that I’m feeling much better. My mental state is more stable, and i’m able to work relatively efficiently.

Earlier today, i had a call with some people I hadn’t talked to in years. Maybe since High School. It was great catching up with them. However, they said one thing which stuck with me throughout the day:

Matt, you’re so lucky to travel the world. I wish I could.

I am not buying Gucci bags or the newest sneakers for hundreds of dollars. That’s not me. Nor am I spending $2100 on a trip to Ibiza to attend a music festival and get absolutely wasted.

I am in control of my spending. I am able to realize what is essential to stay traveling, and what i can live without. Clothes? Need them. Food? Need that. Accommodation? That helps.

Instead of saying “travel is expensive” and thus never visit anywhere, I simply flip the perspective in order to fulfill this lifestyle. I’ll give you an example. My accommodation in Brisbane was approximately $750pm. It was near the train station, beach, and close to a giant shopping mall. How did I do that? Rented a private bedroom on AirBnB in order to reduce costs. Plus it’s great being able to meet new people and live like a local literally everywhere i go.

As a direct result of these habits, I’m able to utilize my income to allow me to visit dozens of new countries and cities across the world whilst working on my laptop.

Identify your expenses, figure out how to reduce them, and then create revenue streams that can be managed anywhere in the world.

The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.

I’m scared. I’m not scared of objects, or events. No. I’m scared that you will not have the courage to chase your dreams & ultimately fulfill your passion.

Everybody is chasing money thinking that it will suddenly make them happy. But once you’re able to live a comfortable lifestyle, it won’t. It’s the reason why there are billionaires & CEOs committing suicide. Money does not make you happy.

Instead, what provides happiness is freedom. Of course, money is required to achieve that. I’m not stupid.

The freedom to go out and do what you love, the freedom to pay your parents medical bills in case they get sick, or to afford a vacation to the Bahamas. That gives you happiness.

But how can you achieve freedom? Courage. By stepping up. By putting yourself out of your comfort zone, and realizing that in order to be part of the 1%, you need to do what 99% aren’t willing to do.

I ask you this… what is your definition of happiness? What do you need to do in order to achieve it?


I woke up & had a quick shower followed by breakfast. This consisted of a coffee and two slices of toast. Yum.


Spoke to a new client on the phone and sorted out the strategy as to how we are going to be working together over the coming 90 days.


I did a lot of work. Wrote multiple articles on marketing, and planned out a content strategy for my Facebook & Instagram page.


Went to Subway as it’s a 5 minute walk from where I’m staying. Grabbed a footlong BLT with onions, cucumber, tomato and jalapeños.


Managed to get a bit more work done. Had 5–6 phone-calls with potential clients, and also talked to a few existing ones. After that, it was a case of responding to emails and making sure there were no more “fires”.


Trying to find a decent flight to Dubai… still. The direct flights were a bit out of my budget as I’m spending a lot on accommodation there. That’s life. So I’m going to stop in Saudi Arabia for a couple of hours instead. I can’t complain as I have lounge access in Jeddah.


Went out and grabbed some food with a friend who’s here in Bangkok for a few days. He’s off to Cambodia tomorrow.


Working again. Nothing truly exciting to write about. But it’s what I love. It’s the lifestyle i bought into.

That’s today’s post. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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