Recognizing My Weaknesses & Self Awareness…

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I’m extremely thankful for everything that has happened in my life: both good & bad. As a young kid, I was bullied in middle school, I was told that I would never amount to anything, and that I should just give up on my ambitions.

But quite honestly, I decided not to listen to them. I decided not to give a fuck about what they thought. I decided to persue and follow my dreams. Why? I didn’t want to prove them wrong... That’s not what I’m about. Instead, I wanted to prove to myself that I could achieve whatever I set my mind to.

And so I wrote down a list of some “crazy” things that would be awesome to achieve, and then created a road map of how I would get there. At the age of 16, I was in the iTunes Top 50 chart above MASSIVE tracks such as “Hold Back The River” etc. Within a couple of weeks, I had my first single played by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, R3HAB, and many more. Not bad…

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But over the past few months, the momentum in my music career has been phenomenal… and this is just the beginning. I’m the manager of Axol, Anikdote, and Levianth. We’re about to dominate the entire entertainment industry with what we’ve got planned…

But when you strip the facts down to basics, I’m an 18 year old guy from the south of England currently living in Australia. I purchased a one way ticket to Melbourne and hopped on a plane to the other side of the world. Being totally honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to cook an egg, and so many people thought I wouldn’t last long. But I’m still here!

I’m not gonna pretend I’m an industry influencer like Scooter Braun or Paul Rosenberg… at least not yet. But I am aware of who I am. I’m aware of my strengths & weaknesses. And I’m aware of what needs to be done in order to utilize them to my advantage.

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One thing I’ve noticed is that people tend to criticize others when somebody is beginning to acheive their ambitions. But right now, I’m going to list every single one of my weaknesses. Why? Because at least then, people can’t talk shit behind my back. I’m leaving nothing for them to say about me that people don’t already know.

  • I’m extremely good at procrastinating due to the fact I love watching random documentaries about travel or prisons. I’m sure it’s not just me…
  • I get distracted by hot weather. Currently 35 degrees celcius, I can’t concerntrate on any work during the day because of the heat. And so most of my work is currently being accomplished in the evenings/early mornings.
  • I bite my nails. This is a habit that I’ve had for many years… I can’t stop and I recognise that. Many other people have the same problem and I’m trying to stop…
  • I have a large adams apple. Yes, you don’t need to point it out as I’m perfectly aware haha.
  • I’m terrible at spelling & grammar. You may have noticed this within my social media posts & content. If it wasn’t for spellcheck, I’d be absolutely screwed.
  • I can be slightly arrogant. This one was perfectly defined when I was in Disneyland Paris back in February. I described myself as Jamie Vardy (a soccer player): “I can be arrogant when I know that I’m right… but I can also be extremely good at what I do”. Essentially, if I believe in something, I will pour an immense amount of passion towards it to ensure that it gets achieved, or that my point gets across. Hmm, maybe one day could make a run for President/Prime Minster hahaha.
  • I spend a lot of my money on travel. This one is both a postive & negative. It’s allowed me to become a lot more adventurous in my journey around the world. I spent pretty much my entire bank account on my Australian Visa & Flight ticket. Best decision that I ever made. Currently debating whether to take a “day trip” to the middle of nowhere in Australia just to check out the outback. Yeah…

This post simply highlights the flaws that I can think of right now. Generally, I’m a pretty reasonable guy as I just treat everybody how I would like to be treated. As many of you know, I’m very honest & upfront about a lot of issues within my career and personal life.

My success stories are when I accept my failiures. I learn not to do them again, and move forward. That’s it. I don’t get crippled by rejection or run away in the face of fear. I will never let my past determine my future. Because I’m not proving myself to anybody. I just wanna show myself that I can acheieve every single one of my ambitions. And invite you on my journey towards success…

To anybody that doubts me, I simply have to say that my weakenesses are at the forefront. Now what are you gonna do Bitch?

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