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Today was great. Seriously great. Incredible. Fantastic. I can’t think of any others synonyms so I’ll leave it at that.

As some of you reading this will know, I’m emigrating to New Zealand in a few months. I am already very excited. The prospect of moving to such a beautiful country filled with incredible people is now a reality. I’m looking forward to calling Auckland home.


I wake up. For some reason, I was in a really good mood and loved every second of the morning. I grabbed a shower, went downstairs, and had breakfast. This time I went easy on it (in comparison to yesterday). I had 3 slices of a toast with Nutella, an espresso, and a 500ml bottle of water to kickstart the day.


I respond to some emails, take a few phone-calls from clients, and upload a new photo to my Instagram travel account. This time, the caption spoke about perspective & being grateful for the opportunities we have.

Oh, and it was taken in New Zealand.

Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have 🇳🇿 A lot of us spend hours every single day scrolling through instagram. We look at the lifestyles of influencers & celebrities wishing it was us in that position. We idealize somebody else’s life over our own.

Loving yourself for who you are is one of the most life-changing things that you can do in order to live a fulfilled life. Instead of concentrating what we don’t have, focusing on what we are grateful for can completely change your mindset.

Having been in Southeast Asia for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that people here are extremely happy — even if they may not be rich or have 50k followers on Instagram. We need to put things into perspective. We need to realize how lucky we truly are.

Listen to this. If you make over $32,400 USD per year, you are in the TOP 1% of the richest people in the WORLD by income. Let me say that again. 32 thousand dollars per year is enough to put you in the top 1%. Why? Because so many people on this planet have less than you. A lot less. You are richer than billions of people. Yet you have the audacity to complain about your life. Ridiculous.

Love yourself for who you are. Love the circumstances in which you find yourself. Love your life, and live in the moment.

Grateful 365.


I’m off to Singapore on the 4th February. I was researching places to stay & things to do. I’ll probably be there for 7–10 days.


Did some work for a few hours relating to my business. It involved speaking with prospective clients, and managing the social media pages of several clients.


I decided to leave my accommodation for a few hours to check out the city. Ended up going to CentralWorld mall which is absolutely massive. Covering over 830,000 square meters, it was pretty easy to get lost. I ended up getting Korean BBQ Chicken for lunch. It cost me about $3.50 which was reasonable. Holy sh*t that was good.


Had a chat with a new client about a social media growth project. Won’t go into too many details… but it’s pretty fun.


I wrote an article for a blog about the relationship between money & freedom for people within the music industry. Should be published within a few weeks.


I’ve noticed that I’m reading & writing a lot more lately. I might see if I can get a paid position at a travel blog. It would be great to share my knowledge about traveling the world with an even larger audience than what I already have.

I currently do some freelance work for a music blog (as mentioned above). As it’s in a completely different niche, I can’t see there being a conflict of interest. I’ll have a look around tomorrow to see if there’s any great opportunities.


Was pretty full from my Korean Chicken earlier. I’ve tended to eat my main meal at lunchtime whilst in Asia. Not sure why but I can’t help it. I popped down to Seven Eleven and grabbed some mixed nuts, bananas and an oat bar thing. Compared to my diet in Malaysia, I’m eating a lot more healthy food here in Bangkok.


Watched an episode of Modern Family whilst looking at flights from Dubai to Istanbul. My original plan was to have a stopover there. However, Turkey looks pretty awesome, and adding another country to my list of places I’ve been wouldn’t hurt. So probably gonna stay for a couple of days before proceeding to Budapest.


Wrote another article and also had a chat with some potential clients about me running their social media accounts. Due to the extremely great results (and the limited amount of time I have), I think it’s fair enough that I increase my rate sometime soon for new clients. That said, I’ll still keep it relatively affordable.


Thought I lost my earphones. I spent at least 20 mins looking for them. They were in my back pocket…


Started setting up the targeting for a new campaign I’m running. I also spoke to a few big entrepreneurs about meeting up when I’m in Dubai, New York, and Toronto.


Looking at rentals for Auckland right now. Turns out that AirBnB offers this service which is much more convenient than going through a real estate agency. I want somewhere near the beach (or harbour), and within 30 minutes train ride to the city centre.


Had an interesting call with one of my current clients relating to social media strategy. Also grabbed a Mango. I love them.


Watched an episode of Shark Tank whilst replying to more emails. It can be a pretty entertaining show if you’re somewhat into business or entrepreneurship.

I’m off to bed now so will post another update tomorrow.

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