My MacBook Broke But I’m Still Happy | MattLife 013

I’ve become ridiculously optimistic lately…

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I’m writing this medium article directly from my iPad. So I apologise in advance for any weird formatting issues.

The fan on my MacBook decided it would be a great idea to completely overload. After speaking with people at the Apple store, they said that it would destroy the hard drive of the Mac if I continued to use it with a broken fan. I took their word for it. But as I’m leaving Thailand on Monday morning, I’m gonna wait until Singapore to get it fixed.


I woke up and grabbed breakfast. I got a crossaint, toast, jam and a coffee. Pretty good.

I was awake until 2am last night thinking about my goals and ambitions. I find it absolutely ridiculous how close I am to some of the most powerful people in business, entrepreneurship and a variety of other thing. Grateful.


Did some client work for a new dude that I just started working with. Hopefully gonna build up his audience to a reasonable size so we can leverage it for a tonne of stuff.

Over the past couple months, I made a commitment to get much better at communication both verbally and written. Definitely noticing a giant difference in quality compared to October 18.


Worked on my LinkedIn profile and did a tonne of research into social media algorithms on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and also LinkedIn. Considering putting out a free guide next month explaining it all.


Went to subway and grabbed a foot long with loads of salad. Needless to say, it tasted absolutely incredible.


After eating the sub and taking a few phone calls, I went to the nearby park as the pollution has improved massively today. Things got interesting.

I was walking along Silom Road opposite the park entrance. I had my earphones in listening to Joe Rogan. As dude a similar age to me walks up besides me, looks at me, and pulls out Facebook on his phone. This was in the corner of my eye as I was more concerned about the oncoming traffic.

Anyway, he taps me on the shoulder and says in broken English, “is this you?” He had my Facebook fan page pulled up on his phone screen. I was stunned. We decided to walk around the park together for about 5mins talking in basic English about travel and entrepreneurship in SE Asia. We took a photo, and went our seperate ways.

I was just in shock. But approximately 5500 of my audience is in Bangkok so it wasn’t exactly impossible to happen. Regardless, I was very grateful that someone was enjoying my social content.


Got back and did a lot of work whilst listening to another podcast.


Grabbed some food and proceeded back to my accomodation. I worked more…


That’s the time now. I’m exhausted from minimal sleep last night… so I’m gonna grab an early one.


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