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Before I write out what I did today, I’d like to start this article by saying that I was extremely surprised by Bangkok. It is totally different to what I thought it would be.

I’m not going to lie to you. I thought it would be gritty. I thought it would be extremely dirty & have absolutely zero regard for traffic rules. Wow. I was wrong.

It is one of the coolest cities I’ve been to in a long time. I know “cool city” is extremely subjective. However, I actually prefer it over quite a few places I’ve been to in North America & Europe.

Having recently arrived from Kuala Lumpur, the atmosphere was a stark change to Malaysia. Don’t get me wrong. Malaysia is a great country, and the people are lovely. However, Bangkok seems to have a bustling energy which I absolutely love.


I wake up and get out of bed. No need for an alarm. The overwhelming desperation to pee did the job for me. I was out and into the bathroom within seconds haha.

After having a shower & getting dressed, I headed downstairs for breakfast. I was hungry. Very hungry. So I grabbed 4 slices of toast (with a tonne of jam), and 3 cups of coffee.


I realized that I forgot to charge my phone overnight. Not sure how it took me this long to comprehend it. Was on 33%. Whoops.

After replying to some messages & emails, I started speaking to a few entrepreneurs on Twitter DM. Great.

I checked my goals for the week, and wrote down a long schedule that would allow me to get one step closer to reaching them. I also uploaded a new instagram post of Melbourne talking about the reality of overnight success.

Life is about getting up an hour early to live an hour more 🇦🇺 There is no overnight success. There is no sudden moment in which you become successful. 99.8% of the time, it’s simply incremental moments that propel you one step closer towards your goal.

Get up an hour earlier and enjoy the day for one hour more. Maybe that hour is what changes your life. Maybe that hour is the time in which you meet the girl/guy of your dreams, or simply have a moment of happiness & gratitude.

The more actions we take towards our ambitions, the more shots we have at achieving it. I like to think of Baseball as a good example: Swing the bat once and you only have one chance of a home run. But if you swing it multiple times, the chances of success are much greater.

Put in the actions today that will allow you to live a prosperous life in the future.


I got a decent amount of work done. Once again, it was getting new clients for my business, and running a few social media campaigns for existing clients. Needless to say, it’s going very well.

My bottled water ran out and the quality of tap water here isn’t great. So I walked about 20 meters to a 7-Eleven. It cost me 12 baht for a 2L bottle (about $0.4).


Met up with a Facebook friend who also happened to be in Bangkok at the same time. The 3 of us went for a really nice lunch, and we discussed a lot of things regarding travel, social media & entrepreneurship.


I got back to my accommodation. I was really full from lunch, and wasn’t in the right mindset to work productively. So I whacked on an episode of Shark Tank, and simultaneously did some reading about the world economy (specifically what’s happening in China right now). I’m not an economist or anything like that. But a lot of my clients are in China, Taiwan, and other areas in the region. So I felt it’s important to stay up to date with what’s going on.


I planned out a few interviews i’m about to do with big travel influencers, and had a several Skype calls with potential clients. All of it went very well in my opinion.


Around this time, I’m normally pretty hungry. But not today. I was still full from the massive lunch. So I went onto the streets of Bangkok and got some fruit to eat. 20 baht. Not bad.


Went to Khaosan Road for a few hours and grabbed some drinks with some people I know that are currently living here. Alcohol is cheap. Very cheap. No complaints whatsoever.

I’ll have a proper night out here soon. But today was just getting to know the different areas of Bangkok.


Wrote a new article for a publication about the psychology of why people share content on social media. Listened to a track by Boogie on repeat which is currently my favorite song. I’ve played it at least 20 times today.


So that’s the time now as I write this sentence. I’m exhausted. Gonna turn off my Macbook and watch an episode of Modern Family before going to bed. Absolutely loving that show still (even though I’ve seen pretty much every episode).


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