My Biggest Fear In Life Is Wasted Potential

Fear & Self Doubt are the biggest killers of human potential.

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The dictionary defines potential as “showing the capacity/energy to develop into something in the future”. Based on that statement alone, wasted potential must mean that people have the capability to accomplish something… but don’t achieve it due to a lack of action.

Fear & Self doubt are undoubtedly two of the biggest killers when it comes to people achieving their dreams.

People are scared of failure.

People are afraid of what people will think of their failure.

People refuse to follow their dreams because they care about others opinions of them.

If you truly want to fulfill your potential, you have to get quiet. Put simply, you have to stop caring about others opinions & focus solely on yourself.

So many people have energy. Potential energy.

So many people have dreams, goals & aspirations.

Please don’t let it become wasted potential in a world full of opportunity.

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