Making A Commitment To Get Serious About My Health

No more excuses.

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For the entirety of my life, I have never really paid much attention to my health.

There… I said it.

Due to the nature of my work as an entrepreneur, I’m working 10+ hours per day. As a direct result, I have always opted for the more “convenient foods” simply to maximize the time in my day.

I have been constantly indulging on Coke, McDonald’s and unlimited Pizza without a second thought as to how it affects my body.

I was delusional. I was incapable of understanding the long-term effects on my health if I were to continue this lifestyle .

As a society, we are often enticed by cheap discounts, low prices, and a variety of other things that often tend to have lasting repercussions.

Sure, that Slurpee looks great. But have you ever taken a look at the ingredients? It doesn’t even resemble real food or drink. It’s essentially a manufactured sugary product specifically tailored to people such as myself who enjoy a sugar rush.

It stops now.

I have never been able to stay healthy because I haven’t held accountable to anyone in terms of my health. If I’m unable to keep myself disciplined, the reality is simply that I need somebody to do it for me.

I do not need to be constantly monitored. But just a simple weekly discussion for 2 minutes discussing my eating habits over the past few days is exactly what I need in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I’m self-aware enough to know that’s the solution.

No more Coke. No more Slurpees. No more McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC.

You don’t need to be perfect. Just be better than you were yesterday.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to shoot me a message or email.

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