Let’s Talk About Foreplay

How To Improve Your Sexual Performance

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I have a question to ask.

You might be initially hesitant to answer. However, it will help you understand your sexual desires in more detail.

Are you ready? It goes like this:

Why does foreplay matter to you during sex?

Don’t just give yourself a quick answer. Take a moment, think about it, and contemplate your response.

Is it because you want to build up the sexual tension?

Or maybe you like taking things slowly to become extremely horny?

Alternatively, do you prefer extended foreplay to prepare your body for what’s about to happen?

Whatever the case, the vast majority of people around the world will happily testify about how vital foreplay is within their sex lives.

According to a study by The University Of Chicago, the prevalence of functional problems doubled among participants who did not include foreplay in their relationship compared to those who did. So in addition to feeling incredible and providing mind-blowing orgasms, foreplay can also help to increase your sexual health.

I grew up as one of the introverted kids during high school & college. As the majority of my friends will remember, I certainly wasn’t a sexual stallion or somebody who looked like they had daily sex.

And they were right — I wasn’t at the time. But over the past few years, everything changed.

What I’m about to share with you are some tips to massively improve your foreplay in the bedroom. You may consider some of them as basic, but that’s the idea. After all, incredible foreplay is merely communicating with your lover the best ways to turn them on.

Are you ready to take your foreplay to the next level, and improve your sexual performance?

Let’s begin.

Take It Slow

Some people love rough sex. Others prefer it to be more gentle & passionate. Whatever your preference, taking your time is crucial to getting wet, horny, and ready for intercourse.

As you will know from experience, immediately beginning with penetration is a bad idea. Due to a lack of natural lubrication, it’ll hurt… a lot.

That’s a great way to ruin the moment.

So start slow.

Gently kiss every inch of their body, touch them, lust for them, and communicate your sexual desires to each other.

It’ll be worth the wait.

Talk Dirty.

Communication is essential during foreplay. Without it, you may not be able to convey your sexual wants & desires during the heat of the moment.

Talk dirty. Tell your lover how badly you want them, what you want them to do to you, and how you want to please them until orgasm.

You’ll enjoy every moment.

Multitask To Avoid Any Awkward Moments.

Most ladies will be familiar with the scenario of being fingered. But while in the moment, their partner is hovering over them, and unsure what to do with themselves.

Who can relate?

To avoid that uncomfortable situation, tell them to kiss you, feel your breasts, or anything else that may make you extremely horny.

Final Thoughts.

Foreplay is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

But to experience mind-blowing orgasms, you first need to know what turns you on, and how your partner can increase your sexual satisfaction during sex.

I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Are you ready to have the best sex of your life?


I write for people who want to laugh & live a happier life in the modern world. Let’s chat: Mattlillywhitemedium@gmail.com

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