I used to rarely speak about politics. But recently, I've started talking about my views a lot more frequently.

The truth is that I used to be center left. And in some ways, I still consider myself a classical liberal. I believe in free speech, equal rights, and all of that.

You know the phrase, "I disagree with what you say... but I shall fight for your right to say it?" That's my views in a nutshell.

But the so called radical left has pushed me away. It's not that my views changed. But I can't have a conversation about socialism, abolishing/defunding the police or open borders. I just can't. It's the slippery slope that terrifies me. It's like the left is no longer recognizable from what it once was.

And so lately, I've found myself being able to have more civilized and mature conversations with centrist republicans/conservatives etc.

But don't get me wrong, I am more than willing to have a civilized conversation with anyone that has opposing views. Always have. I'm open to having my mind changed.

I try to focus on what I have I have in common with other people, instead of the things that we disagree on. But when the world is so divided, it's often extremely difficult to do that, as often just get yelled at whenever I politely challenge someone's viewpoint.

As a result, many are afraid to say how they feel, due to a fear of confrontation or repercussions in their career etc.

I know this is quite long. But it's how I feel. And if you ever want to have a mature discussion about a topic, I'm more than happy to.

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