I Need To Book My Flight | MattLife 020

It’s literally just a few days away…

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I am absolutely brilliant at booking things last minute.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that I still haven’t booked my flight for Thursday to Istanbul.

For anybody that comes with me on my upcoming adventures, I wish you the best of luck.

I’m ridiculous.

Woke up and grabbed some breakfast. Toast, Coffee, and a daily dose of Gary Vee’s Podcast to kickstart the day.

Answered emails and replied to a tonne of messages. Got a lot of new client inquiries of people that wanna work with me. So gonna have to vet through them over the coming days.

Got some work done and had a few phone calls with current clients. One of them rang me to say they were overjoyed with the progress so far. It’s little moments like that which I love.

Went to the downtown core and grabbed some lunch. I fancied something western — so I got an American burger with salad, fries, and a long-black coffee.

More work.

Spoke to a friend at Apple about upgrading my Apple fleet. It currently stands at a Macbook Air, iPad (5th gen), and an iPhone 6S. Over the next few months, I’ll phase them out. Currently eying up an iPhone XR, iPad pro and a Macbook Pro in order to maintain a steady workflow whilst traveling.

More work.

Grabbed some food from Subway for dinner.

Even more work. This is getting tiring. I need a break.

Bedtime. I’m exhausted so I’m gonna end it here. Cya!

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