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An analysis as to how free work can enable you to progress your professional career.

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If you have absolutely zero experience within a given industry, working for free is a great way to generate leverage so you can progress your career.

Throughout history, people have done things for free to bring benefit to others. People have interned to gain some knowledge of a job, volunteered at charities, and worked low-wages in different industries simply to gain a better understanding & appreciation of the world.

There is a giant debate around working for free now. People are saying you shouldn’t do it under any circumstances. People are saying it’s a ridiculous idea to do something that doesn’t yield any short-term ROI.

Although I partially agree with them, it’s pretty easy to see that the majority of people do not understand the strategy behind working for free.

If you are happy with your job and are content with the progression of your career, you do not need to do it. It’s that simple.

But if there is a genuine reason why you may want to work for somebody for free, the rewards can be extremely beneficial for anybody that provides real value to the other party. For example, an entrepreneur spending 7 days a week with Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk for free would gain a great understanding into the inner workings of a business that they can go and replicate on their own startup. It’s all about strategy.

I totally agree that people should be compensated for their work. I wholeheartedly believe in it.

However, if you are starting from zero and have no leverage, working for free can be one of the most beneficial ways to expedite your success within business due to the connections you make during that period.

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