How To Use Body Language To Look More Attractive

A few simple strategies to help you improve your dating life.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Just about all of us want to become more attractive. We dream of looking incredible, having unlimited confidence, and the ability to fall in love with the person of our dreams.

But we have a terrible habit of always telling ourselves that we’re not good enough & that it would take a miracle to find our ideal partner. So we live with diminishing levels of self-doubt, continually questioning if we will ever fall in love.

For the longest time, I used to believe that appearance was the only thing necessary to be considered attractive by someone else. However, I’ve since realized that body language is vital to creating attraction as it allows you to understand the thoughts of another person & strengthen the relationship. Peter Drucker said it best:

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

So below are several strategies that you can use to become more attractive using body language. Each one of them massively improved my dating life due to a newly-found ability to convey my emotions, without saying a single word. I hope they do the same for you, too.

Maintain Regular Eye Contact.

I’ve found that looking people in the eye can help to increase the level of attraction between two people. After all, it can show to the other person that you’re making a genuine attempt to listen to what they have to say.

A study published by the BBC has shown that “we generally perceive people who make more eye contact to be more intelligent, more conscientious and sincere.”

So whenever you find yourself flirting with someone, making regular eye contact will help to strengthen the connection between you both significantly.

Smile Frequently.

For the longest time, I had a habit of maintaining a neutral facial expression during conversations as I had zero social skills. But when I began smiling more often, every single one of my relationships massively improved.

Research shows that we have approximately seven seconds to make a strong first impression on someone. So if you’re consciously trying to create positive interactions by smiling, it’s more likely that a relationship will develop over time.

For example, I’ve begun smiling whenever I introduce myself. As a result, each interaction has been more memorable, and I find it much easier to meet new people.

Start by taking simple steps such as smiling during an introduction, using positive facial expressions, and anything else that will help to increase the frequency of positive interactions.

Although these changes only take a few seconds to implement, the effect they will have on your relationships will show benefits for a lifetime.

Relax Your Posture.

If you’re folding your arms during a conversation, you may probably be seen as defensive as you’re not opening yourself up to the other person.

Although this may be instinctive due to your introverted nature, it’s important to remember that attraction is often based upon two people’s ability to connect.

I’ve learned that when you visually relax your posture, it becomes much easier to have a conversation as there’s no tension between you both.

So if you want to develop a natural attraction, consider unfolding your arms, keeping your back straight, and opening up your body language to show that you’re listening.

Eliminate Bad Habits.

If you’re anything like me, you bite your nails, fiddle with your hair, or do anything else that may naturally happen when you’re nervous. But unfortunately, these bad habits can distract you from the conversation, and make you less engaged in what the other person is saying.

I’ve found that when you focus on the other person, it’s much easier to create a connection during a conversation as you’re not distracted by external events or bad habits. In the words of Stephen Covey:

“What you do has a far greater impact than what you say.”

So during every conversation, ask yourself: “What can I do right now to show empathy & compassion towards the other person?”

That’s how to use body language to become more attractive.

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