How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight

Do you travel frequently? Twelve hours stuck inside an airplane is not the ideal situation for pretty much anybody. Often crammed like sardines in economy class, the lack of privacy (amongst many other things) can make many people feel uncomfortable.

Here’s some tips that you can apply to your next flight to make it much more enjoyable.


Many budget airlines (and some international operators) often don’t have an inflight entertainment system onboard. In order to pass the time, download films from Netflix directly to your phone or tablet.

Food & Drink.

We all know that airplane food isn’t the highest of quality (in the majority of cases). If the airline permits it, purchase some beverages in the terminal to bring onboard.


If you want to avoid a screaming child, consider sitting towards the rear of the plane. From experience, this is where the least amount of babies are (as special provisions are often located at the front).

Want more leg room? Opt for an exit row. Or alternatively, grab an aisle seat if you want to move around the aircraft.

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