How To Overcome Your Fears

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Over the past few months, I’ve noticed more people making their fears public, and exposing them to the world. I love that. It shows that they have the confidence to step up and overcome whatever problems they may face in life.

But I have empathy for people that believe their fears are a vulnerability. When in reality, it’s a strength.

The pure definition of insecurity is to be uncertain about oneself, and to have a lack of confidence. Making your insecurities public allows people to form an opinion, and thus for you to also have one about yourself. So by definition, it removes insecurities.

I used to be scared a lot. Whether it was Spiders, Snakes, Flying in planes… you name it. I was always anxious. But I told my friends & family about these fears. I made my insecurities public, and they slowly faded away.

If you never ask our your crush, you ain’t gonna be in a relationship with them.

If you never apply for a sports team, you’ll never know what athletic career you could have had.

If you never chase your dreams, it’s just a fact that you probably won’t achieve them.

Write down your fears on your phone (or on a sheet of paper). Write down what you’re scared of, and tackle it head-on. Confront every single one of your demons. There is no more sure way to fail than to never try. Don’t think. Just do.

That’s how to conquer anything you’re scared of.

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