How To Confidently Vlog In Public

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1. Find somewhere quiet.

One of the fears that many people have is simply holding up a camera in front of their face whilst in public. However, if you’re able to find a relatively quiet park, road, or beach, it will slowly give you the confidence to vlog in public, and gradually build up the number of people around you.

2. Realize that people don’t care.

Something which holds a lot of back is the fear of what people think of them because they might look weird. The truth is that people don’t care. They have their lives to get on with, and you have yours. The fear is only in your head.

3. Be confident in your voice and actions.

When starting out, a lot of people are extremely shy when first vlogging in public. I don’t blame them. I have empathy for that.

4. Do It.

Similar to any new skill, it takes practice. As often as you can, go out of your comfort zone and vlog in public in order to increase your confidence. Doing it over & over again will make you much more confident to the point in which it’ll feel natural.

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