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It is finally fixed…

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As you may recall, my Macbook decided to stop working whilst I was in Thailand. I was annoyed. My productivity suffered dramatically as a result of not being able to use it for extensive periods of time.

But now it’s fixed. I’m happy. It’s time to go out and crush it once more.

I have massive ambition. I admit it. But I also respect it.

It’s what drives me every single day to succeed. I will always be hungry. I will always be motivated to succeed.


I woke up and grabbed some food, had a shower and started a new audiobook. My education during 2019 is absolutely incredible.


Replied to emails and got a few phone-calls. Ended up getting a bit of work done. I also booked a genius appointment at the Apple Store for lunchtime.


Worked a lot. Constantly creating new opportunities for both my finances & personal brand. I don’t think anybody has an idea of what’s about to happen haha.


Left my accommodation to head over to Apple. It was a 22 minute walk so I decided to enjoy the sunny weather instead of taking the metro.


Arrived at the Apple store. Took a look at the new iPhones and also Apple Watches. Tempted to get an XR as I can get it for a great price if I trade in my iPhone 6S. But I’ll wait until I’m in Europe to deal with that.


Had my genius appointment to get my Macbook fixed. Continued listening to my audiobook whilst it was happening.


Grabbed a coffee and headed back to my accommodation. Met a friend for an hour to discuss the current state of entrepreneurship & business opportunities in SE Asia.


Worked for a few more hours. Most people in my situation would be spending every waking minute exploring the city. I don’t blame them. But I have massive ambition. So I’m constantly trying to create new opportunities in every single country & city I visit. I’m doing what others are not willing to do in order to create an unfair advantage.


Grabbed some food.


Worked even more and had a few phone-calls talking to prospective clients. I also had a chat with some big companies/organizations about a business venture in the future.


Going to bed so cya tomorrow!

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