Getting Lost In The City | MattLife 030

Istanbul is growing on me…

Parts of Istanbul feel very European.

Very european.

Sometimes I walk through the streets feeling like I’m in France or another country.

It feels great.

The biggest problem is the language barrier. I’ve ended up speaking multiple languages other than English when in some situations. Like the other day, I was speaking French in a cafe because the owner couldn’t speak much English.

But that’s not a problem. Why should it be?

I’m in a new country. A new land. Some people would find this really uncomfortable.

But I like to Seek Discomfort.


Woke up and did the standard routine: Shower, get dressed and breakfast. Was great. Listened to an episode of Gary Vee.


Headed out the apartment and went exploring around the city. Walked through loads of laneways just checking out the local area. Ended up walking about 12km.


Grabbed a coffee and baguette for lunch. Very Turkish… ;)


Headed back to the apartment and got some work done. Spoke with people about an upcoming campaign, and also ended up doing some research on marketing trends.


Tried to find a travel adapter at the mall… and I completely failed.


Got hungry so cooked up some pasta. Also had a few bananas.


Got some work done. But my Macbook stopped working so I ended up on the phone with Apple for several hours. Booked an appointment at the Apple Store.


With an inability to use my MacBook, I started working from my iPad for a bit. Once I finished my tasks for the day, I looked at flights from Paris to Toronto for April.

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