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Do what you love every single day and it’ll never feel like work…

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This morning I woke up with a thought. I really wouldn’t care if I only made $35k for the rest of my life. As long as I’m doing what I love, I’ll be happy.

This all plays into my thesis of loving the process and creating a passion from you love. If you’re able to do something you’re passionate about, you won’t burn out as you’ll always remain motivated.

If I went broke, I would undoubtebly tart a new business in order to build my wealth again.

So many people are trying to live lavish lifestyles and thus they are unable to create an income from their passion. Let’s say you’re making $2k a month as a music producer (as an example). Here’s how to live off that amount in order to fund your life from your passion:

The reason why so many people are unable to live a life from their passion is often because they are unprepared to live humbly in order to make it a reality. They’d much rather show off their Gucci bags, Rolex watches, and fancy cars. If that’s what makes you happy… great. Good for you.

But so many people in this world are unhappy with their current life. The truth is that if you’re able to reduce your expenses to minimal amounts, it suddenly becomes feasible to work every single day on whatever you’re passionate about.

The biggest issue is nobody is willing to do that due to a fear of judgement. They care about the opinions of others.

I proudly fly coach.

I proudly rent BEDROOMS on AirBnB.

I proudly work 80 hours a week an an entrepreneur to avoid the prospect of working 35 as an employee for someone else.

You gotta love your process. Love the game. Love the lifestyle and persistent chase of trying to accomplish your dreams.

Do what you love every single day and it’ll never feel like work.


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