Exploring Singapore | MattLife 017

I love it. A lot.

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I need to be honest with you.

I did not keep a timeline of the events from yesterday.

The reason for this is simply that I was so focused on just checking out different parts of the city.

But it was awesome.

Here’s a few of the places that me and Aki (a friend) went to:

This place is the giant lotus leaf pretty close to the Marina Bay Sands. There was some really cool exhibits (and we took a lot of photos).

This is the incredible place that’s pictured in the cover image of this article. It was an extremely hot day so I was drinking a tonne of water. But overall, it was such a lovely part of Singapore.

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It was recently Chinese New Year and so the spirits were still extremely high. Seeing the Chinese temples was great! Later during the evening, we had a LOT of food. Admittedly, I got so full that I couldn’t even eat another grain of rice.

That’s what I got up to! Cya tomorrow!

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