Eating Tonnes Of Food & Preparing for Dubai |MattLife 018

I can’t wait for how incredible the trip is gonna be…

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Anybody who knows me will be aware that I like food. I love it.

Despite needing it to survive, it also provides a great deal of happiness towards my life.

Upset? Food. Happy? Food. Hungry? You guessed it…

It’s been one of the most central focuses of my trip around Asia. I just love the smells, tastes, and so much more when it comes to Asian cuisine.


Woke up and grabbed some toast with Nutella, and also 3 cups of Coffee. I’m aware that I drink a lot of it.


Had a shower and got dressed. Put my clothes in the washing machine as they needed it.


Got some work done whilst listening to a new audiobook: The Thank You Economy. It was running campaigns, getting new clients, and working on a new project.


Grabbed a wrap for lunch and then continued working.


Met a friend and we went out for dinner. I had so much food it’s unbelievable. But it was soooo good!


Had a quick phonecall with a friend from Australia. Going to be working on a great project later this month.


Going out for the evening. Cya!

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