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I just wanna see what the type is all about…

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of people going Vegan. I’ve seen a lot of people going vegetarian. And quite honestly, I just wanna see if it’s a lifestyle that I could try out.

I am not an animal activist. I wanna make that clear. I love my Nando’s.

However, I am all for having a healthier lifestyle in comparison to what I have been eating for the past few months. This may be difficult. It will be difficult. But I’m gonna try fruitful February and see how it goes. At the end of the month, I’ll evaluate whether I feel healthier, more focused, and a variety of other things. If not, it’s back to Steak & Chips.

This isn’t because I wanna save the baby cows & chickens. But the way the world eats & acts is currently unsustainable.

We do eat a lot of meat. Having been in SE Asia for a month, I’ve noticed that pollution, plastic consumption, and many other things are totally off the charts. I think a lot of people in Western Countries are totally oblivious to what’s happening. They don’t realize the true scale of it all until they see it for themselves. Admittedly, that was me.

Here’s a quick animated video:

“With the world’s population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, the report argues that current diets, with a growing emphasis on Western-style high-calorie foods high in saturated fats, are unsustainable.

It insists that not only would people be healthier, but it would also reduce the damaging effects of climate change, soil erosion, deforestation and loss of biodiversity”.— Sky News.


Got up, shower & had breakfast. Jam & toast. Accompanied by a few cups of coffee.


Had a few client calls and got some work done. Nothing new.


Went to 7-Eleven to grab some bottled water. The pollution here is absolutely horrific. As a result, I’m trying to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid it.


Paid some bills, invoiced my clients as it’s the start of the month, and downloaded a new Ryan Serhant book from Audible.


Wrote a few blog articles & spoke on the phone to a new client. Really interesting conversation about Linkedin tactics.


Did a lot of reading as the internet cut out… yay. So was listening to a True Geordie podcast whilst gaining a better understanding of consumer psychology.


Wasn’t hungry so just grabbed some pineapple for 20 Baht as dinner. Pretty great. Also had a cappuccino.


Did a bit more work and wrote this article. Also starting preparing for my trip to Singapore on Monday!

See you tomorrow!

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