Arriving In Dubai | MattLife 022

It was a really long flight…

Writing this article, I have recently arrived in Dubai. There was a lot of turbulence throughout my flight with Emirates. But overall, it was a pretty good experience.

I’m only in the UAE for a few days. After that, I’m headed to Istanbul via Muscat on Thursday.


I woke up, got dressed and headed to the city centre of Singapore as the metro wasn’t running until 6am.


Grabbed a coffee from McDonald’s and replied to emails and took a few phonecalls from clients in North America.


Took the metro from downtown Singapore directly to the airport. It was pretty crowded but totally fine.


Arrived at the airport and went through security. I proceeded directly to the airport lounge where I had some breakfast. LOTS of croissants, coffee, and similar items. It was great.


Left the airport lounge and went to the gate where my flight was waiting. After having a bottle of water confiscated, I boarded the plane pretty much immediately and took my seat.


The flight took off at approximately 9.30. I obviously don’t have the timings for the entire flight so I’ll just write what I did.

I watched Mark Wahlberg’s new movie Instant Family which was pretty good. I also watched the Pursuit of Happiness which is one of my all-time favorites. After that, it was a few episodes of Modern Family and Ballers (HBO).

Whilst watching the entertainment, I was using the in-flight wifi to respond to messages and learn about a variety of topics.


Flight lands in Dubai at approximately 1.45pm. I got out of the airport within half an hour as immigration was incredibly quick.


I arrived at my hotel in Dubai Marina pretty swiftly. I debated taking the metro. But it would have been a 20 minute walk from the station so I decided that an Uber would be better and more efficient.


After unpacking my bags, I headed to the Dubai Marina to check out the area which I’m staying in. It’s a pretty sweet place! There’s a lot of yachts and skyscrapers all around the Marina.


I went to the mall and grabbed some food as I was pretty hungry. Ended up getting a Doner salad which was very good.


Went back to the hotel and replied to some more emails & enquiries etc. After that, I was absolutely shattered so I grabbed a shower and relaxed for the evening.

Cya tomorrow!

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