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I can’t stop… It fuels my burning desire for success.

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Self-education is critical to success.

It’s what allows the fire to keep burning.

The flame must stay alive.

Constantly learning new things.

Try to become a better version of myself every single day.

The reality is that without it, my career will burn up in flames.

I need to keep updates on new information, strategies, and ideas.

I need to stay educated.

Every single day, I am learning something new.

Languages, psychology, science, technology.

Each day a new subject.

Trying to gain a better understanding of the world.


So I put my earphones on, and leave the apartment.

I open Audible. I listen to Grant Cardone talking about financial strategies.

He says that in order to make a difference, you need to make money.

I look around me.

He is right. I think I understand.

I cannot think of a person who has changed the world that is poor.

Money brings freedom, opportunity, and the ability to create decisions that can benefit billions of people (when spent efficiently).

Who would pass up on that opportunity?

Only a fool.

As I walk the streets of Istanbul, he says that greatness is only limited by the investment you make in yourself.

I think about it.

He is correct.

What successful person settles for mediocrity? Nobody.

What successful person settled at average? Nobody.

If you genuinely want success, you have to increase both your goals & your actions in order to achieve it.

That’s how to win.

That’s how to obtain greatness.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

But if you are constantly educating yourself & executing, it will eventually come.

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I am traveling around the world.

I am visiting multiple continents.

I am able to sustain an income from my passion to fuel this lifestyle.

But that’s not enough.

I always want more.

I don’t want to settle.


I want to keep going.

I want to keep working.

I want to dominate my industry & the competition.

I’m only 20 years old.

I’m young.

But self-education has accelerated my career to a point that some people never achieve within a lifetime.

I’m happy.

I’m grateful for that.

I’m gonna keep working.

Keep pushing.

Never give up.

I’m off to Budapest & Vienna next week. Grant if you’re reading this, I would love to someday thank you in person for teaching me to educate myself. I’m flying to Miami in April. Maybe then?

I am accountable for my actions.

I am accountable for my failures.

I am accountable for my success.

But most importantly, I am striving for greatness every single day.

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