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Matt Lillywhite

I write articles. I make music. I eat mangoes.

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It’s a rare skill that will massively improve your relationships.

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If you want to work more efficiently, here’s what you need to do.

By Heisenberg Media — Flickr: Elon Musk — The Summit 2013, CC BY 2.0,

Now is the perfect time to understand our way of thinking

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Many people would happily trade places with you.

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If You Live In America, Someone Would Happily Trade Places With You.

It’s destroying the fabric of modern society.

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It can crumble apart like a chocolate cookie.

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You Can Only Pay Attention To One Thing At A Time


According to someone who’s never flown in economy class

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1) Opt For The Middle Seat

It’s created a never-ending stream of trash.

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It’s time to give them the respect they deserve

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Poor Choices = Poor Health Outcomes.

Matt Lillywhite

I write for people who want to laugh & live a happier life in the modern world. Let’s chat:

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